Resilient Hazardous Storage Containers for Ultimate Safety

With Storage N Stuff’s durable hazardous storage containers, you can safely and securely store hazardous materials while ensuring compliance with regulations. Avoid spills, leaks, and accidents that put your employees and facilities at risk with containers made from robust materials engineered to withstand workplace hazards. Don’t compromise safety – browse our wide selection of containers today to find the right fit for your specific hazardous storage needs, supported by our experts every step of the way.

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Avoid Costly Accidents and Regulatory Fines

When businesses cut corners on proper hazardous material storage, they put their operations and workforce at serious risk. Low-quality containers degrade over time, leading to leaks, spills and uncontrolled access to dangerous substances.

Even minor accidents can spark chain reactions – if flammable liquids escape containment, fires could erupt and endanger facilities and lives. Hazardous leaks and spills, without proper prevention and cleanup, can permeate work areas and do long-term damage to equipment and infrastructure. Without durable, compliant hazardous storage solutions, businesses open themselves up to disrupted operations, costly repairs, and harm to employees and brand reputation.

Limited Options Can Lead to Dangerous Situations

Storage N Stuff’s hazardous containers are constructed from robust, industrial-grade materials selected to withstand even the most demanding workplace conditions. With reinforced seams and specialised components, our containers are engineered for maximum durability and resilience against degradation over many years of use.

Fire and Leak Protection

Featuring fire-resistant exteriors and seamless welded construction, our containers provide 30 minutes of fire protection and integrate leak-proofing features. This protects your assets and facilities and contains accidents until proper response.

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Flammable Liquid Storage Cabinets

These cabinets, built with fire-resistant steel, ensure exceptional durability and protection against extreme temperatures, guaranteeing prolonged functionality in demanding industrial environments. Their robust construction, along with integrated spill containment systems, reinforces their durability, minimising wear and maintaining safety standards over extended periods.

Flammable Liquid Storage Bins

Engineered with high-quality, fire-resistant materials, these hazardous storage bins are designed to withstand rigorous use, ensuring long-term durability and reliable containment of flammable liquids. Their reinforced walls and secure closures not only enhance their resilience but also contribute to maintaining a safe environment, effectively minimising potential hazards and ensuring extended protection for personnel and the surrounding premises.

COSHH Storage Cabinets

Constructed from robust steel, COSHH storage cabinets are tailored to withstand chemical spills and resist fire, showcasing exceptional durability in the face of hazardous substances. With their enduring build and meticulous engineering, they provide long-lasting protection and compliance, actively ensuring workplace safety and effectively reducing risks associated with hazardous substances over their extended lifecycle.

Armorgard Transbank

Designed to secure various fuels and chemicals, the Armorgard Transbank range emphasises robust construction and durability. These secure containers, available in various sizes, provide long-term protection and resilience, safeguarding hazardous materials from external threats and ensuring their integrity even in challenging industrial settings.

Acid Storage Cabinets

Tailored for storing corrosive chemicals, the acid storage cabinets feature durable designs, capable of withstanding volatile substances and ensuring long-term safety. Their robust construction, combined with various size options and door configurations, gives enduring protection and containment, addressing the critical need for durability in the storage of hazardous materials.

Get Enduring Protection From Hazardous Materials Today

With a steadfast commitment to durability and safety, Storage N Stuff offers an unparalleled selection of hazardous storage solutions that stand the test of time. From the resilient construction of flammable liquid storage cabinets and bins to chemical storage banks, each product is meticulously designed to endure the rigorous demands of your work environment.