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Polyethylene Syphon Pumps

Polyethylene Syphon Pumps 

  • Flowrate: 20 litre per minute
  • Fitting: 2" BSP integral thread
  • Hose length: 1065 mm 
  • Riser Tube: Rigid to suit 210 litre barrels / containers up to 940 mm deep
  • Fluid: Water, petrol, diesel, light oils, waste oil, antifreeze, kerosene, chemicals, solvents, thinners, de-greasers, cleaning fluids, acids, alkalis
  • Wetted parts: High density polythylene
  • Weight: 300 g

Important: Insulated Anti-Static Grounding Wires

Static electricity may be generated by the operation of handpumps - particularly rotary pumps. In order to prevent sparking caused by static build-up, when pumping flammable liquids a bonding wire must be used.

The container must be grounded to earth by means of a conductive earthing lead fastened between the container and a suitable ground earth point

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Price: £7.16
Prices from: £6.95
SKU Pack Quantity Weight Price Qty.
921-392 1+ Price 300g £7.16  £6.95 +VAT Minus Plus
921-101 Pack of 3 300g £21.49  £20.85 +VAT Minus Plus

Polyethylene syphon pumps are virtually corrosion proof and can be used with any container up to a depth of 940mm.

The fluid is pumped through the pump head into a receptacle lower than the level of the fluid in the container being emptied.

The pump will syphon the contents as required with no further effort.

This syphon pump is suitable for most liquids, including:

  • Alkalis
  • Acids
  • Anti-freeze
  • Light Oils
  • Thinners
  • De-greasers
  • Solvents