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Carbery 1000SB Superslim Bunded Oil Tanks

Carbery 1000SB Superslim Bunded Oil Tanks

  • Model: 1000SB Superslim 
  • Capacity: 1053 Litres / 231 Gallons
  • Length: 1770mm
  • Width: 650mm
  • Height: 1590mm
  • Tank footprint: 590mm x 1736mm
  • Bottom outlet: 1" BSP Female
  • Fill point: 2" BSP with cap & chain
  • Overfill prevention: Yes
  • Inspection access: Yes
  • OFTEC approved: Yes
  • Manufacturer warranty: 10 Years
  • CE marked: Yes

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Why Choose a Carbery Bunded Oil Tank?

  • Low Maintenance - will never rot, rust or corrode
  • Produced from fully recyclable materials
  • Lockable 2" fill point, access lid and inspection point
  • Tank contents dipstick supplied as standard
  • Compliant with UK, Irish, EU and OFTEC requirements
  • Produced in an ISO9001 accredited manufacturing centre of excellence
  • Inbuilt, overfill prevention capability
  • Officically licensced for the storage of heating oil by the experts of OFTEC
  • Choice of 1"BSP bottom outlet or environmentally preferred Top Outlet 

When is a Bunded Oil Tank Required?

Any oil tank should only be installed by a competent, OFTEC registered, storage tank technician. Single Skin Oil Tanks are suitable only for use at installations, where:

  • A risk assessment has been completed in accordance with OFTEC Technical Instruction Book 3
  • The total installed storage capacity is less than 2,500 litres
  • The tank is more than 10 metres from a watercourse e.g. sea, lake, river, stream, ditch etc.
  • A spill could not: - Reach an open drain or loose fitting manhole cover; - Pass over hard ground and enter a watercourse
  • The tank is more than 50 metres from a well, borehole or spring
  • The tank is used solely by a single family for heating and / or cooking
  • The tank is not installed within a Groundwater Special Protection Zone 1 area

If these conditions cannot be met, a Carbery Bunded Tank is recommended. Carbery Plastics Limited will not be responsible for the installation of a Single Skin product at a location where a Bunded Tank is required.

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Carbery Bunded Oil Tanks

Carbery Bunded Tanks consist of a "tank within a tank". Fuel is stored in the inner tank, whilst the outer tank acts as a failsafe in case of a spill, significantly reducing the risk of an environmental pollution incident.

In the UK and Ireland, bunded tanks today are a requirement at all commercial, industrial and institutional installations, as well as the majority of domestic and agricultural installations too.

Protect your oil with a Carbery Bunded Tank

Oil isn’t just a precious resource, it’s a valuable resource too. That’s why it’s good to know that every Carbery Bunded Tank benefits from ‘tank within a tank’ construction, ensuring your oil is never safer than when stored within a Carbery Bunded Heating Oil Tank.

For further reassurance, every Carbery Bunded Tank is also equipped with a concealed vent point, together with lockable fill, inspection and access points… all designed to accept standard manual and electronic padlocks. Every Carbery tank can also be supplied complete with Apollo Ultrasonic or Apollo Smart Heating Oil Monitor… allowing you to remotely monitor and identify unusual consumption patterns, without having to leave the warmth, comfort and convenience of your home or office.