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Salt Grit Scoops & Shovels

Salt Grit Scoops & Shovels
Salt Grit Scoops & Shovels
Salt Grit Scoops & Shovels

Salt Grit Bin Shovels & Scoops

These salt /grit shovels & scoops are essential accessories to use in conjunction with your Grit Salt bins.

The scoops are particularly useful with the 30L, 100L and 200L bins.

All of our premium range of Grit Salt bins are lockable for added security.

Due to the corrosive action of rock salt and grit, these handy tools are ideal for this application.

Salt Grit Scoops.

The salt grit scoops are the perfect partner for the 30L Mini Grit Bins, as they fit inside the bin. The scoops have a capacity of 500g.

To save delivery costs - please order the shovels or scoops when placing your order for your Grit / Salt bins.

  • 400L Grit Bin - reference: 718-203
  • Mini Grit Bin - reference: 718-204 - supplied with salt & scoop


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Price: £6.00
Prices from: £5.82
SKU Dimensions Product Price Qty.
718-613 Length 250mm / scoop 150 x 110mm Scoop £6.00  £5.82 +VAT Minus Plus
718-623 External Length 473 x W240mm Hand Shovel £12.50  £12.12 +VAT Minus Plus
718-625 External Length 970 x W248mm 2 Part Shovel £19.50  £18.91 +VAT Minus Plus

Salt Scoops
Salt Shovels