Prioritising Safety With Hazardous Storage Containers for Healthcare Facilities

In healthcare settings, safety is the top priority, and that starts with proper hazardous materials storage.We offer a range of safety cabinets to safely store corrosives, flammables, and toxics, which are specifically engineered to meet high safety standards. From fireproof cabinets to provide essential protection against flames and heat, to bunded storage units featuring built-in leak-proof sump pumps, safety is always our top priority.

Don’t leave staff and patient health up to chance. Partner with Storage N Stuff for rigorously safety-focused hazardous materials storage. Browse our product line today to transform safety from being a mere requirement into an asset.

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Secure Safety Solutions for All Healthcare Settings

  • Gas Bottle Storage and Handling Equipment: Meeting HSE guidelines for compressed gas safety, our specialised gas bottle storage and handling equipment means you can confidently manage volatile substances. 
  • Bunded Storage Units: Our bunded storage units stand as a stalwart defence against potential leaks through built-in spill reservoirs, offering a secure shield that prevents hazardous substances from seeping into the environment and compromising the safety of your healthcare facility.
  • Hazardous Storage Cabinets: With clear labelling and locking systems to prevent accidental exposure, you can elevate your safety standards with our hazardous storage cabinets. These are intelligently designed to not only efficiently organise your materials but also to provide a secure barrier against unauthorised access.
  • Safety Cans: Our innovative self-closing safety cans provide a crucial line of defense, facilitating the safe transfer and storage of hazardous liquids within your healthcare facility. Engineered for maximum safety, such as flame arrestors to stop flashback ignition, these cans contribute to minimising potential risks associated with handling dangerous substances.
  • Spill Control Kits: Our spill control kits empower your facility to respond promptly and effectively to unforeseen spills. These kits are an integral part of maintaining a safe environment. Highly absorbent pads and socks soak up high volumes fast, mitigating potential hazards and protecting your staff and patients.
  • Drum Spill Containment Equipment: Meeting UK bunding requirements, our drum spill containment equipment is your assurance that even in the event of a spill, hazardous materials are confined, preventing their spread and upholding the safety standards critical in healthcare settings.

Hazardous Storage Containers & More

We design our healthcare storage solutions to meet the most stringent safety standards, protecting your staff, patients, and assets. Whether you need protection for corrosives, flammables, or other hazardous medical materials, our wide selection offers an ideal storage solution. With our cabinets and containers guarding your volatile liquids and chemicals, you can rest easy knowing safety and compliance are locked in.

Our comprehensive hazardous storage product line includes:

Secure Your Healthcare Facility With Proven Safety Solutions

Our experts assess your needs, recommend optimal safety storage, and provide ongoing support. Invest in staff and patient safety with tailored healthcare hazardous storage. Contact us to enhance safety in your organization and champion a culture of protection through proper storage.

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Fully Welded Seams

Our hazardous storage cabinets and bins feature fully welded seams throughout their construction, creating leak-proof containment. This sealed, seamless design keeps dangerous substances safely locked within the storage units, eliminating risks of hazardous spills and minimising potential staff or patient exposure accidents.

Reinforced Doors with Two-Point Locking

Our storage cabinets are all equipped with sturdy reinforced doors and robust dual-lock systems to provide extra protection by restricting access. The two-key design gives you full control over who can get into these units, bolstering safety through authorised-only hazardous material handling. This added security layer promotes a safe, controlled healthcare environment.

30-Minute Fire-Resistance

Fire risks pose serious threats when storing healthcare flammables. Our hazardous cabinets and containers are engineered with 30-minute fire resistance, creating an essential firebreak against blazes. This vital safeguard not only protects stored hazardous materials but also contains fires, preventing facility-wide spread and enhancing overall safety.

Easy Identification and Clear Labelling

Our healthcare hazardous storage solutions integrate clear signage, coding, and markings to easily differentiate contained materials. This illuminated hazard identification empowers staff to handle substances securely during both emergencies and routine use. Our precise labelling system enables accurate material recognition, helping workers safely and effectively navigate storage areas.