Steel Lockers

Steel Lockers With Secure Locking Mechanisms

If your facility struggles with inadequate storage solutions that obstruct manufacturing productivity, Storage N Stuff promises durable steel lockers equipped with specialised locks to streamline operations. Seamlessly secure hazardous substances, ease access to equipment parts, and save floor space with our customised heavy-duty steel lockers.

Browse our range of steel lockers today and implement high-quality storage that’s equipped with the right locks to align with your manufacturing protocols.

Are Your Locks Keeping Your Materials Safe?

Key operations rely on securely accessing equipment parts, work-in-progress materials, and monitoring hazardous chemical inventories. Yet basic padlocked storage fails to provide adequate traceability, auditing, or compartmentalisation.

The inability to reprogram combination locks means managing employee access as duties evolve is error-prone. The lack of digitally integrated locker systems precludes insights into inventory levels, movements, and anomalies. Non-compliance risks increase without evidence that restricted substances stay properly secured.

Ultimately these vulnerabilities manifest as lower output, compliance gaps, inventory distortion, theft risks, and bloated space requirements. Manufacturers require storage aligned with specialised workflows – not one-size-fits-all solutions.

Customised Lock Options For Security And Access Protocols

To truly optimise manufacturing productivity, facilities require storage lockers equipped with specialised locks aligned to their workflows. Storage N Stuff provides heavy-duty steel lockers secured by a range of locking mechanisms:

CAM Locks

Ideal for restricting access to hazardous materials or valuables. CAM locks provide combination access management via push button codes and key override options. Passwords can be regularly reset per protocol changes.

Hasp & Staple

This simple padlock-based solution offers versatility across use cases like tool cribs and equipment access. Hasp & staple enables bringing your padlocks matched to existing master keying.

Radial Pin Locks

For environments handling sensitive materials, radial pin tumbler locks provide the highest security through customised master keying. Grandmaster keying further enables tiered access levels.

Re-Programmable Combination Locks

Eliminate lock replacement needs by using combination locks that can be reprogrammed as employees change. This facilitates adjusting compartment access protocols on the fly.

Digital Combination Locks

Digitally integrated electronic locks enable real-time locker access monitoring and audits. This enhances compliance while allowing adjustment of pin codes as manufacturing workflows evolve.

Coin Return Locks

In high-traffic areas like equipment checkout, coin return locks enable controlling locker access timing. Users insert coins to temporarily access contents, which is ideal for managing shared resources.

Lockers Tailored For Your Manufacturing Environment

To facilitate efficient workflows, manufacturers require durable lockers customised to their specific environments. At Storage N Stuff, our lockers are tailored to manage:

Raw Materials – Safely secure key substances with hazmat-compliant locker compartments. Digitally monitor inventories while restricting access.

Spare Parts – Quickly retrieve components by organising inside compartmentalised lockers, enabled by combination locks. Prevent downtime from missing parts.

Work In Progress – Temporarily store batches between production steps without cluttering floors. Coin return locks grant timed access for multi-user jobs.

Finished Goods – Keep completed items secured prior to shipment with extra sturdy double-walled lockers preventing dents.

Incoming/Outgoing Items – Manage smooth operations by dedicating lockers as intake/outtake hubs.

Specialised Manufacturing Facility Lockers

Storage N Stuff’s made-to-order steel lockers are built from steel, equipped with reinforced doors and double-walled sides delivering unrivalled structural integrity for punishing manufacturing conditions. With powder-coated exteriors that resist scratches and dents even when handling heavy components, our lockers outlast and outperform.

Custom Storage Sizes

Recognising no two facilities are identical, we offer customisable locker sizes to make perfect use of your unique floor plans and spaces. Available sizes range from spacious 1-door to compact 6-door options, in either standard or heavyweight series. Lockers can even be nested together to minimise footprints.

Design Your Doors

To align aesthetics with your branding, our lockers allow tailored colour selection from a vast colour palette. Choose touches of vibrancy or maintain a professional look through neutral tones.

Secure Your Manufacturing Workflows Today

Don’t settle for subpar locks that compromise manufacturing productivity and compliance. Storage N Stuff provides specialised locking mechanisms that seamlessly secure your custom heavy-duty lockers. Choose from combinational, keyed, or digitally programmed locks, to align to the unique access and monitoring protocols that streamline your operations.

Browse our industry-leading range of steel lockers purpose-built to optimise manufacturing workflows. Buy now to equip your new steel lockers with the right locks to maximise output while remaining audit-ready.