Steel Lockers

Wide Range Of Steel Lockers For All Your Manufacturing Needs

Finding steel lockers suited to your manufacturing workflows can be difficult, but Storage N Stuff offers the UK’s widest range of customisable, heavy-duty steel lockers specially designed for industrial facilities. Whether you need multiple sizes to fit compact spaces or sturdy lockers with safety features for hazardous items, we provide tailored solutions.

We deliver efficient, optimised storage lockers to clients across industries like electronics, food processing, chemical plants, and more. Browse our wide range of steel locker solutions today to determine the perfect storage configuration aligned with your operational requirements and space constraints.

Uniform Lockers

Locker Sizes For Flexible Storage

By offering a wide range of locker sizes to choose from, we make it easy to find steel storage aligned with your exact spatial constraints and workflows:

  • W305 x D305mm (Compact locker for small items)
  • W305 x D380mm (Standard locker for general storage)
  • W305 x D460mm (Large locker with 50% more space)
  • W460 x D460mm (Maximise density with jumbo lockers)

Whether you need a standalone unit or space-saving bank configuration to outfit personnel, shared resources, equipment and more – we have a locker size for you.

Custom Colour Lockers Aligned To Your Brand

We offer a range of standard colour options including white, silver, black, green, blue, red and yellow. This allows the possibility of colour coding your lockers by various conventions relevant to your facility like department, access level etc.

The Practical Benefits Of Colour-Coded Lockers

  • Colour code lockers by department, usage or access level with our range of shades
  • Match your brand style guide with custom colours
  • Promote safety with high-visibility reds or yellows
  • Support hazard and compliance workflows with colour zoning

Versatile One To Six Door Configurations

Our lockers are available with one to six-door configurations, enabling you to tailor compartments based on use case:

Personal Storage Lockers: Our single-door lockers provide a compartment for individual usage – great for personal gear and tools for staff across departments. Keep belongings organised and secure.

Multi-Occupancy Lockers: Two to four doors enable securely separating and storing shared manufacturing goods for convenient access, with lock types like combination pads customisable per department.

Bulk Storage & Equipment Banks: Five to six-door lockers create spacious compartments for large bulk items – from raw material batches to spare parts and machinery essentials.

Secure Lock Options

Protecting your goods and equipment with reliable locker security mechanisms is imperative. We offer multiple lock types tailored to your security protocols and access needs, including:

  • CAM
  • Haspe and Staple
  • Radial Pin
  • Re-Programmable Combination
  • Digital Combination
  • Coin Return

By helping design bespoke, multi-tiered security aligned to your manufacturing environment, our steel lockers keep equipment and goods protected around unique regulations – while enabling proper access control across personnel types.

Durable Construction And Smart Design

Engineered to thrive for decades in demanding manufacturing environments, our British-made steel lockers feature:

  • Coat hook and shelf to accommodate personal items
  • Activecoat anti-bacterial paint technology inhibiting 99.9% of bacteria
  • Air vent systems on each door enable airflow adjustment
  • Sturdy 5 knuckle hinges for smooth openings every time
  • Pre-drilled construction ready for efficient nested configurations

Benefits Of Storage N Stuff Steel Lockers

Our made-to-order steel lockers deliver multifaceted benefits to manufacturing facilities:

  • Durability – Constructed from steel with reinforced builds, our lockers are engineered to withstand decades of heavy industrial use. 
  • Customisation – Spec every detail like dimensions, layouts and colours. Our tailored approach ensures a seamless operational fit.
  • Efficiency – Protect critical manufacturing workflow with organised storage. Find gear, tools, and materials rapidly.
  • Space Savings – Multiple size options allow dense storage banks that maximise your existing footprint.
  • Safety & Compliance – Locker customization helps meet even complex regulations when handling hazardous goods.
  • Productivity – Stop wasting time struggling with insufficient industrial storage. Let our solutions boost productivity.
  • Cost Savings – Optimising space usage results in indirect savings on square footage. Durability provides long-term value.

Quick Assembly-Free Delivery

Our steel lockers ship fully assembled rather than needing onsite construction, ready for prompt placement. They are rapidly dispatched in just 15-20 working days.

Find You Perfect Storage Fit Today

Storage N Stuff’s made-to-order British steel lockers are fully customisable to your environment. Pick from our versatile size range and durable builds, aligned precisely to your needs by our experts. Browse our extensive collection of manufacturing-grade steel lockers today and revitalise your storage systems.