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Storage Equipment for Mechanics: Everything You Need to Know

Setting up or refurbishing your auto repair shop? Follow our handy guide to find the right storage equipment for mechanics

Whether you’ve just set yourself up as a self-employed mechanic and you’re getting your auto repair shop equipment together, or you’re looking to replace old and broken storage equipment with something better and more durable, our purchasing guide to storage equipment for mechanics can help you ensure you have everything you need for your workshop.

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Tyre storage racking

Tyre changing is the bread and butter of most auto repair shops, so it’s important to have a large stock of various types of tyre on hand at all times. However, tyres can be difficult to store due to their shape, size and weight. With poorly fitted or low-quality shelving, they can pose a health and safety risk to those nearby who may get hit by a falling tyre.

We sell a variety of tyre racking shelving that is extremely sturdy and durable, including both the popular and durable long span racking and midispan tyre racking. Both these choices give you an adaptable and convenient way to keep your tyres at hand whenever you need them, as well as helping to make your auto repair shop safer.

Spare parts storage

With lots of screws, bolts, and spare parts all over the place, having an easy and ordered way of storing everything makes the entire process much easier and faster. Our Barton spacesaver bins make this task extremely simple, by offering a space-saving solution that’s durable and easy to use. The stand can even be adjusted for uneven floors, too, meaning there’s no chance of it falling over with the weight of the parts.


Solvents, oils, corrosive fluids; the number of harmful chemicals used in your average auto repair workshop makes it difficult to keep stored safely. It only takes one oil bottle leak or harmful chemical to result in a health and safety problem. We have a range of safety cabinets that keep any flammable, corrosive, or harmful chemicals safe at all times. All these cabinets are approved for use via the COSHH safety regulators and are an excellent solution for keeping both you and your employees safe.

For everything else, our basic range of heavy duty storage cabinets is a perfect solution. Our Euroslide under bench cabinets are an extremely popular choice for many mechanics and auto repair garages who need a portable way to carry and store tools around the workplace.

Anti-fatigue matting

Working at a workbench gets tiring if you’re stood up for while, and with the hard flooring commonly found in many auto repair garages, the wear on your feet can be painful. Our anti-fatigue matting offers a hard wearing but spongier surface to stand on, taking the pressure off of your feet and allowing you to stand for longer periods of time without becoming uncomfortable.

Document storage

Need to keep easy access to car manuals, customer records and general paperwork? Our document storage solutions are a great way of saving valuable floor space, while still giving you an extremely organised way of keeping everything in order.

Our low-height metal office cupboards are an excellent solution for keeping all your documents and folders safe, while also being extremely durable — something which is always useful in a place with heavy machinery.

Step ladders

Sometimes, you just need a little bit more height, so our range of ladders help you get to where you need to be. We find many mechanics choose our steptek range, thanks to their low weight but reliable build, ease of movement and steady, well-secured feet.

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