Ensure Compliance With Certified Hazardous Storage Containers

At Storage N Stuff, we help you ensure complete safety and regulatory compliance with our customised hazardous material storage solutions, developed to help you avoid workplace disasters from improper containment. Our expert team provides tailored cabinets, bins and handling equipment to securely store dangerous substances, reducing risks.

With durable fire-resistant and spill-proof designs, we meet all major HSE standards, as validated by our thousands of satisfied commercial clients across the UK. Don’t gamble with safety – browse our hazardous storage containers today and protect your business from accidents, disruptions and penalties.

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Compliant Hazardous Storage Can Be Hard to Find

Meeting the myriad of safety regulations surrounding hazardous substances is an immense challenge for any business. Complex and frequently changing legislation keeps Health and Safety Managers in an endless cycle of compliance audits, training, and inspections. Even minor oversights can lead to massive fines, lawsuits, and criminal charges.

Non-compliance is simply not an option when it comes to hazardous material handling. Just one small leak or spill can put employees, facilities and the environment at grave risk. Businesses require tailored storage solutions that take the compliance burden off their shoulders.

Expert Guidance Every Step of the Way

Don’t go it alone when compliance is on the line. Storage N Stuff provides individual guidance based on your specific operational risks and storage needs. We conduct comprehensive audits and gap analyses of your current hazardous storage situation and protocols. From there, our compliance experts recommend tailored solutions to address vulnerabilities and ensure safety standards are upheld.

Consider us an extension of your own Health and Safety team. Call us on 0333 202 5959 today and get expert advice on the perfect storage container for your needs.

Ensure Safety Standards Compliance

With Storage N Stuff, you never have to second-guess whether your hazardous storage solutions meet safety regulations. All our products are rigorously designed, tested, and certified to comply with HSE, EPA, OSHA, and other relevant standards.

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Flammable Liquid Storage Cabinets

Our fire-resistant steel flammable liquid cabinets are engineered to meet the strictest safety standards for secure storage of hazardous fluids. Built-in containment sumps, adjustable spill-proof shelves, and proprietary ventilation systems keep compliance inspectors satisfied. With proper signage and container labelling, these intelligent cabinets organise storage and enable rapid response.

COSHH Storage Cabinets

We customise our steel COSHH cabinets to fit your precise storage needs, whether for corrosive, toxic or otherwise hazardous substances. Choose from a range of sizes, shelving, and accessory options to create the perfect COSHH solution for your materials. Robust locks keep unauthorised access in check.

Acid Storage Cabinets

Even in the most demanding industrial environments, our acid storage cabinets keep volatile fluids securely contained and organised for easy compliance. With features like corrosion-proof coatings and ventilation to prevent dangerous gas buildup, our cabinets meet the highest safety standards for acidic and alkaline storage. Get hassle-free compliance, even with challenging substances.

Armorgard Flamstor Cabinets

Store flammables with complete confidence using our acclaimed Armorgard Flamstor cabinets. Their industry-leading quality and safety features make compliance second nature. With fire-resistant builds, dual lock systems and meticulous design, Armorgard Flamstor help you prioritise safety at your site.

Armorgard Transbank

Make flammable liquid transport safe and compliant with Armorgard’s innovative Transbank containers. These portable, fire-resistant boxes with integrated containment allow easy movement of hazardous fluids around facilities. Transbanks bring compliant fluid storage wherever required, boosting productivity..

Armorgard Chembank

Safely store hazardous liquids in outdoor settings using Armorgard’s rugged, weather-resistant Chembanks. Their steel construction stands up to harsh elements while still meeting hazardous material containment regulations. The perfect compliance solution for boats, construction sites and more.

Hazardous Compliance Made Easy

At Storage N Stuff, we turn hazardous materials compliance from a constant worry into a breeze. Our customised storage solutions address every regulation, freeing you to focus on daily operations, not chasing safety rules. Ensure full compliance and reduced risk with cabinets, bins and handling equipment tailored for your needs. Browse our range of hazardous storage containers today to implement compliant storage that keeps your business safe.