Drip Trays

Elevate your spill and leak management with essential Drip Trays. These trays, renowned for their versatility, eco-friendliness, and durability, proactively shield against hazards, ensuring a clean and environmentally responsible solution.

Discover the lightweight and versatile nature of a plastic tray. Their ease of transport and placement make them ideal for both commercial and residential use. Whether it’s safeguarding a bustling restaurant kitchen or protecting your home appliances, plastic trays are the reliable choice.

Galvanized steel trays epitomize unparalleled durability. Resistant to corrosion and wear, they thrive in demanding industrial environments, adeptly handling heavy machinery and equipment, delivering enduring protection.

Plastic and galvanized steel trays emerge as indispensable assets for effective spill containment. The plastic trays offer unmatched versatility and easy maintenance, while their steel counterparts deliver peerless durability in demanding settings. With an array of sizes and shapes available, you can effortlessly discover the perfect solution tailored to your unique needs. Elevate your spill management strategy with our exceptional drip trays today.

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More About Our Drip Trays

Our range of various-sized Drip Trays is the perfect solution to prevent spills from occurring, which can also help to stop harm to the environment. Large spill trays made from steel and plastic are ideal materials for containing all kinds of spills.

While they are useful anywhere, our trays are ideal for the following settings:

  • Garages: Flammable oil spills, slippery lubricant splashes or sticky adhesive leaks are common occurrences in a garage. However, you can prevent these from impacting your work with a simple, reliable tray.
  • Factories: Large volumes of chemical spills are much easier to contain safely with a large spill tray in a factory setting. Mobile steel trays will make for ideal products to move around a busy area on an ad hoc basis too. 
  • Oil and petrol storage: Storing oil and other volatile fuel substances is difficult and managing drips is crucial to safety standards, so a range of large spill trays will be essential in this type of space.

Specialist oil trays with T-bar handles make it simple to move a spill tray under a vehicle, while small plastic trays will also be a useful addition to any space. While they are simple devices, they are also sturdy, and large spill trays make a big difference.

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