Forklift Attachments

You can expand the range and capabilities of your forklifts with the right attachments, which can allow you to safely clamp, rotate or move drums and heavy-duty items with ease. Handling large volumes of liquid is made simple with a drum attachment, which also greatly improves safety standards.

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While a forklift is useful in multiple areas, the attachments we offer are most suitable for the following settings:

  • Factories: If you are operating in a factory environment where large volumes of chemicals are used or you need to move drums around regularly, a drum clamp or rotator can save considerable labour and boost safety standards.
  • Warehouses: Storing drums is an important part of handling liquids, and with a drum lifter forklift attachment you can easily lift and store multiple drums – even at high levels.
  • Construction sites: With heavy-duty forklift attachments that let you use a hook and chain to lift items you can pick up looser, bulkier loads with ease – this is an excellent benefit for materials such as sand, cement or bricks.
  • Schools: A forklift can help you to reliably load and unload a range of goods in a school, and heavy-duty forklift attachments such as a snowplough can provide a helpful addition to this type of environment too.

There is a lot of room for customisation and variety when it comes to forklift attachments, some of which are fully automatic and do not require the forklift operator to leave the cab – and others that require some manual chain operation. However, with all attachments, you can carry heavy weights comfortably.

While there are many uses for forklift attachments you can rely on the sturdy construction of all of them, as they use sturdy steel materials. The robust nature of the attachments means that they can withstand heavy, regular use without ever receiving any damage.

All attachments are weight test certified, which guarantees that they are suitable for handling many kinds of goods safely. With the powder coat finishes on our forklift attachments, you can also keep them free of rust or corrosion.

When you buy your heavy-duty forklift attachments from us we provide very fast delivery times – usually between 1 and 2 business days. Please feel free to get in touch with us if you have any questions about our forklift attachments or advice.

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