Plastic Parts Bins

Plastic parts bins are indispensable for precision small parts storage, delivering unparalleled organisation and operational efficiency across diverse sectors. Crafted from robust materials, they represent a cost-effective and highly efficient solution for meticulously managing minute components, essential tools, and vital supplies.

The bins are engineered to optimise space utilisation, featuring stackable and nestable attributes. These bins maximise storage capacity, making them a versatile choice for various settings, from workshops to warehouses. This adaptability ensures that every square inch of your storage area is fully utilised.

Barton TC Bins are renowned for their durability and crafted from high-quality plastic. The robust construction ensures a lengthy lifespan and minimises the need for frequent replacements. Topstore Clearbox Containers are made from durable plastic, they can withstand daily use and resist damage from various environmental factors. Barton Topstore Shelf Bins are specially designed for small parts storage on shelves. Their robust plastic construction ensures durability and resistance to wear and tear. Plastic parts bins offer durability, versatility, visibility, and accessibility, contributing to efficient organization and workspace optimisation.

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More About Our Plastic Parts Bins

Plastic parts bins for storing small parts or components

Nails, screws, fuses and other small items are a part of many operations and can be required on a daily basis. Small parts are therefore essential items in most industries and trades. However, the matter of storing such items can sometimes be annoying or otherwise difficult to achieve.

Using a plastic parts bin can help revolutionise the access of small parts and pieces. The organisation of small objects can be a challenge, and a poor system can result in a mess, clutter and otherwise untidy working space.

Leaving small objects loose can also add an element of danger to a workspace. Such items may be difficult to see and can spill without effective containment. Safety is important for the use of powerful tools and equipment, but also for small parts storage.

Plastic storage bins are extremely useful for the convenient storage of the following items:

  • Component Parts
  • Screws
  • Nails
  • Fuses
  • Nuts
  • Bolts

We stock a range of coloured storage boxes that are easily stackable on a shelf, ideal for a workshop or garage. There are many storage bins available that feature clear or removable lids. This makes picking small parts that little bit simpler.

At Storage N Stuff we are able to provide our plastic parts storage bins, as well as the majority of our other items, with free delivery to most addresses in the UK mainland.

Our aim is to give people their perfect item. Our customers can confidently purchase online or telephone our team if they require help in picking the best products.

The benefits of plastic storage bins for small parts

Using storage boxes simplifies the use of small parts and components in day-to-day operations. They do not only store items effectively, but a set of shelf bins with the proper organisation will also provide easy access for small parts and pieces. All of our boxes are durable and high-quality, so will suit almost every environment.

Plastic parts bins can keep an area tidy and prevent any issues of clutter. This results in a more efficient and safer experience in a workshop, garage or other settings. Reorganising the bins is also easy as they are lightweight, even when full of small parts or components.

Open-fronted storage bins

While a storage bin with a clear lid can be useful in many settings, our selection of shelf bins can easily and adequately integrate within a shelving unit. Features of open-fronted storage boxes include bin stops so people can pull out larger bins without the risk of dropping. These are ideal for an extensive shelving system or for parts that are more heavy-duty.

Easy access closed storage boxes

While open-fronted storage can provide simple accessibility, sometimes parts require a dust-free environment. Using our stock of Barton Topstore Clearbox Containers makes this very simple, with clear tilting inner compartments so people can see each item and only expose objects to the air when necessary.

Categorisation and customisation

Our range includes boxes with bin dividers. This enables the separation of parts within an individual box. This level of customisation means it is simple to enable easy access to small parts that people may commonly use together, such as specific sizes of nuts and bolts.

Bins for electrical parts and components

Some types of electrical components and circuits require storage in a specific environment to avoid the harmful effects of static. Our anti-static boxes let people working with such components to do this with ease. This makes the storage bins useful for electrostatic discharge (ESD) control plan.

Hygienic and antibacterial bins

Many operations will require a high level of hygiene in their day-to-day practices. Examples include hospitals, surgeries and laboratory settings. We provide antibacterials storage bins, to meet these requirements. They use a silver ion-based antibacterial additive that is effective against 99.99% of bacteria.

Environmentally-friendly recycled containers

Many operations seek to promote the environment as part of their values. Storage of spare parts that are not brand new may also introduce elements of dirt to a bin. This may mean replacing bins more frequently. In these cases, bins and boxes that make use of recyclable plastic can help reduce any environmental impact.

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Commercial, industrial, research and educational operations commonly require frequent resupply and delivery services. An annoying thing for those in this situation is having to pay for each delivery, sometimes at different prices depending on the item or carrier.

To alleviate this annoyance we are glad to provide free delivery to most addresses in the UK mainland on almost all of our items. We also offer a 12-month warranty on all of our items.

Low price guarantee

Customers at Storage N Stuff will always know that they are getting the most competitive price. This is because we always give our customers the lowest price on high-quality items in every industry. By doing this we develop lasting relationships with customers across a huge range of industries.

So that we can guarantee customers get the best price on their products, we offer a lowest price promise as part of our service. If someone finds an item for a lower price somewhere else – we’ll match it!

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