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When winter’s icy grip tightens, you need reliable winter products to keep your surroundings safe and accessible. From grit bins and snow ploughs to salt spreaders and shovels, these comprehensive products are essential tools that ensure a hassle-free winter.

Grit Bins are sturdy containers, indispensable for storing grit or rock salt, the first line of defence against icy surfaces. Snow ploughs are heavy-duty machines designed to tackle large-scale snow removal. Salt spreaders are precision instruments for evenly distributing de-icing materials over large areas. The trusty snow shovel is your go-to tool for clearing snow from walkways and driveways.

Incorporating these essential winter products into your snow and ice management plan ensures that you’re well-prepared to face the challenges of the season. From grit bins to snow ploughs, salt spreads to shovels, each tool plays a crucial role in maintaining safety and accessibility in your home or business.

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For clearing snow from larger premises, the Forklift Operated Snow Plough is the right tool for the job, it can also be used as a general yard cleaner when itโ€™s not snowing. Winter safety products are most useful in the following areas:

  • Schools & Education: Keeping roads and paths clear of ice is important for pick up and drop off times at schools, and it is necessary to keep a school suitable for pupils of all ages to attend safely. Grit bins are essential for schools.
  • Distribution and fulfilment: A distribution company can better cope with the harsh weather and keep operations running smoothly with a good snow shovel.
  • Transport sector: Whether near a bus or train station or on the roads themselves, winter safety products such as a salt spreader, are excellent for keeping things safe for users and keeping the flow of services running well.

Snow shovels and snowploughs are perfect for domestic and business use. They are great for clearing snow from pathways and driveways. Snow shovels can also be used in the summer months for manoeuvring wood chips and other work.

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