Grit Storage Bins

Grit Storage Bins are essential tools for winter weather management. The robust containers store road salt and sand for efficient snow and ice removal, ensuring safety during cold months.

Designed for ultimate convenience, these storage bins boast robust construction, weather resistance, and durability, guaranteeing a long-lasting solution for storing road de-icing materials.

Moreover, strategically positioned in key locations near roads, sidewalks, and parking lots, these bins enhance accessibility for maintenance crews and the public, vital for prompt snow and ice management.

Our Grit Storage Bins are not just practical; they are exceptionally cost-effective. The initial investment is modest, leading to substantial long-term savings. By streamlining snow and ice removal, they prevent accidents and reduce the need for extensive road repairs

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More About Our Grit Storage Bins

While there are a lot of different sizes and colours available to suit a variety of environments – grit storage bins are particularly useful in the following settings:

  • Schools: Snow and ice can create a hazardous environment for arriving and departing pupils, parents or other visitors in a school. As a result, a high-quality grit bin is an important addition to any school environment.
  • Warehouses: As warehouses are likely to experience a fast pace of use by people and vehicles, an ice-free and safely walkable surface is essential. A grit bin will provide easy access and help to protect warehouse workers.
  • Office buildings: Outdoor areas in commercial buildings or parking garages can all benefit from grit storage bins. While the main office work takes place indoors, getting to and from a building is safer with a grit bin.
  • Councils: Local councils require grit bins to ensure public roads, paths and any other potentially hazardous area is fit for use. With versatile, secure grit bins local councils can more easily fulfil their duty of care.

A popular capacity choice for our grit bins is 30 litres, which will provide sufficient storage for many environments. You can easily add more to a given environment should there be any need for extra storage. Grit bins are also a very simple and useful addition to a domestic driveway – so ideal for prudent homeowners.

Larger sizes are excellent for small offices and more public areas where multiple people will be present at once. By using sturdy plastic materials, they will withstand many knocks, and will never crack or discolour – even in extreme weather.

Another perk and a key reason to buy our grit bins are that they are extremely cost-effective. Our grit bins can easily withstand temperatures from -20°C to +60°C – so you can leave them out all year round for extra convenience.

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