Steel Lockers

Maximise Space And Safety With Our Durable Steel Lockers

Storage N Stuff’s heavy-duty steel lockers promise unparalleled safety, security and efficiency for your manufacturing facility’s storage and inventory management needs. Get fully customisable, durable steel lockers to optimise your storage space, workflows and hazardous materials handling with seamless regulatory compliance. Browse our wide range of steel locker configurations, dimensions, colours and features today.

Uniform Lockers

Featured Steel Lockers For Manufacturers

All our steel lockers come in a wide range of dimensions and colours to suit your facility’s specific environment and are made right here in Britain from durable steel, delivering the safety, compliance and productivity your manufacturing business demands.

  • Single Door Steel Locker: This standard 1780mm high single-door steel locker allows secure storage of personal protective equipment, tools, spare parts or materials for individual employees. Anti-bacterial powder-coated finish protects contents from contaminants.
  • Double Door Steel Locker: Our double-door locker provides more specialised storage with separate compartments for more controlled organisation of hazardous substances, equipment or critical spare parts while allowing ventilated airflow.
  • Three-Door Steel Locker: For even greater storage density, our spacious three-door model is optimal for discreetly separating and organising important manufacturing materials, documents or high-value items in a space-saving setup.

Safety And Compliance When Storing Materials

If you handle substances daily that require careful storage procedures to ensure compliance and worker safety, violations of guidelines like COSHH can lead to serious consequences. Storage N Stuff’s steel lockers allow secure, compliant storage tailored to your specific hazardous materials.

Purpose-built for durability, our steel lockers are designed to handle decades of opening/closing cycles and load capacities for optimised density without rapid wear and tear. Our custom-designed steel lockers simplify compliance by allowing safe storage configurations catered to your specific regulations. Durable steel construction better contains potential leaks and spills from impacting personnel or equipment.

Streamlined Inventory Management And Efficiency

Inefficient layouts and a lack of versatile storage solutions lead to wasted square footage in manufacturing warehouses. Storage N Stuff provides steel lockers in a wide array of configurations to make the most of your vertical and horizontal space for materials, WIP or finished goods.

Facility space is a scarce commodity with production demands, inventory, and personnel all competing for real estate. Our adaptable steel lockers let you maximise vertical space utilisation without expanding your footprint.

Key space optimisation benefits:

  • Modular configurations to leverage airspace
  • Wall-mounted options for floor clearance
  • Narrow and slim profiles for congested areas
  • Custom sizes suit tight dimensions precisely
  • Density optimised to your inventory volumes
  • Streamline layouts with expert guidance

Whether you require storage across limited sections or facility-wide solutions, our range can be used to cater to your current and future space constraints.

Organisation And Workflow Optimisation

Poor inventory organisation leads employees to waste countless hours searching for needed items. Storage N Stuff’s highly visible and easily accessible steel lockers enable seamless inventory and materials management to maximise productivity.

Our steel lockers seamlessly integrate into workflows through intentional designs catered to your environment. Bright colours and specialised configurations keep process items readily accessible while safely separating incompatible materials to prevent mistakes.

Robust builds with heavy-duty casters actively resist damage from intensive usage in tough conditions so assets remain protected. Hassle-free maintenance access balances security without losing employee productivity managing keys.

Wide Range Of Door Configurations

Configure between 1 to 5 doors across any locker to compartmentalise contents by frequency of access, user groups, material categories or other variables unique to your processes.

Vibrant Colour Choices

Select impact-resistant finishes in lively hues like yellow, green, and red alongside neutral tones to colour-code locker content types, boost safety visibility or incorporate facility branding.

Size Dimension Combinations

With 4 width and 3 depth options plus extended heights, narrowly optimise locker dimensions to the precise content volumes stored per your SKUs for density maximisation.

Advanced Locking Mechanisms

Equip employee or manufacturing cell unit access with reprogrammable digital combinations, coin return locks, manual pin codes, general master keys or proprietary RFID solutions for managed security.

Save On Shipping With Free Delivery

When investing in optimising the storage infrastructure of your manufacturing facility, transportation logistics and costs are essential considerations. At Storage N Stuff, we offer free delivery on all steel locker orders exceeding £500 in value.

This allows you to upgrade your facility and fulfil larger orders without incurring additional shipping fees that might cancel out the ROI. With specialist carriers dedicated to smoothly handling heavy equipment deliveries, your new steel lockers will be operational in no time.

Maintain Safety With Our Durable Steel Lockers

By investing in Storage N Stuff’s durable and customisable steel lockers for optimising storage and safety compliance, you take the first step in empowering the long-term success of your manufacturing facility. Order your ideal steel locker solution today and address your specific regulations, space constraints and workflow inefficiencies with ease.