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Barrel Taps

Storage N Stuff sell a wide range of Barrel Taps for use with steel and plastic drums. Our Barrel Taps are suitable for every liquid and container size. Barrel Taps allow you to dispense fluids and liquids safely avoiding the risk to injuries and accidents in the workplace. Simply screw into a drum tightly to avoid leaks or spillages. Each tap has a spout that points downwards with various handles to operate the tap with. Looking for a specific barrel tap? Contact our sales team to discuss your needs.

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Barrel taps for safe and effective liquid dispensing

A high-quality barrel tap is essential to fluid handling in a wide range of industries. From commercial, industrial, research or other settings – a proper tap will keep liquid from leaking, avoid spillages and enable easy dispensing.

Accidental leaks can cause accidents, and they also have a financial impact in some cases. A leak of oil, for example, provides a challenge on both an economic and safety level. The environmental impact of this and other types of spillage can also be significant.

Barrel taps enable people to dispense fluids and liquids safely, avoiding the risk of injuries and accidents in the workplace, but they also help increase efficiency. For example, a self-closing tap can remove a step from the workflow of an operation.

Our barrel taps screw into a drum tightly to avoid leaks or spillages. Each tap has a spout that points downwards with various handles to operate the tap with. They are useful for:

  • Oil
  • Fuel
  • Chemicals
  • Cleaning liquids and solvents

We stock a wide range of barrel taps for use with steel and plastic drums. Our barrel taps are suitable for every liquid and container size. They use a range of high-quality materials, such as gunmetal and cast iron.

We are able to offer customers seeking high-quality barrel taps, in addition to the majority of our other products, free delivery. This shipping offer is available to almost every address in the UK.

We make sure our customers get exactly what they require. People can buy online or telephone us. By getting in touch we can help people pick their perfect product.

Benefits your barrel taps will give you

While the key function of a barrel tap will be largely consistent across our range of products, there are some that will be of more use in some settings than others. Our barrel taps have the ability to keep fluids ranging from water to oil simple and safe to handle. They work on various drums and will help prevent accidents.

Some people will require a tap that is more durable such as steel, other people will want a cost-effective solution to their fluid handling operation and choose plastic. Benefits of our barrel taps include the following:

Choice of material

Our selection of barrel taps come with a choice of material. These include brass, steel, aluminium and plastic

Many operations involve handling fluids that are corrosive and can cause a chemical reaction when they come into contact with surfaces or other substances. Using a tap made of brass material can help stop any liquid corroding the tap. Brass is also very strong and can withstand a lot of pressure.

Some fluid handling does not require the same level of protection, and so does not require such protection. In this case, a low-cost plastic barrel tap may be appropriate.

Long-lasting and wear-resistant

Corrosion is a big problem for some types of fluid handling, but one major issue affecting all fluid handling is wearing and heavy use. We pick all of our barrel taps to last, no matter what material people require. This ensures customers always receive a long-lasting tap.

Self-closing options

There are many taps available in our selection that are self-closing. This type of tap is available in various materials. A popular and versatile self-closing tap material is stainless steel, which is durable and heavy-duty. Self-closing taps provide extra safety, particularly when handling flammable liquids.

Sparkproof varieties

Working with liquids that are corrosive can be dangerous, but fluids that are flammable carry an extra element of danger. Using sparkproof taps in such an instance is not only beneficial but essential. One excellent sparkproof tap is our self-closing brass tap, which is also lockable and so provides extra safety.

Long handles

The safety of the people working with fluids is important. A barrel tap with a long handle can help people handle potentially harmful fluids at a safe distance. Our stock includes a long handle cast iron barrel tap, which lets people avoid being near to any potentially harmful fluid

Large bore

Many people have to work with fluids that have a high degree of viscosity and thickness. Using a tap with a large-bore can help such fluids flow more readily, which makes them ideal for speedy fluid handling. One excellent large-bore tap we stock comes in stainless steel and features a lock.

Delivery is free to the UK mainland

Lots of our customers make orders and receive deliveries almost every day. We find many of them complain that postage fees across providers and products are inconsistent.

We seek to resolve this issue by providing free postage to all UK mainland addresses, with one or two exceptions for remote areas. Free delivery is available on the vast majority of our items. Everything we sell also comes with a 12-month warranty.

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