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Multi Purpose Storage Units

We sell outstanding multi-purpose storage units, which are ideal for the storage of 205-litre drums and IBCs. The steel multi-purpose stores come in four neutral colour choices. Multi-purpose stores come in two models, a 16 drum 4 IBC unit or a 32 drum 8 IBC unit. Take a look at our fantastic IBC storage units and buy below.

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All types of storage units incorporate a built-in leak proof sump pump with a huge 3,800-litre capacity. The multi-purpose IBC storage units also have removable grid flooring, high and low-level ventilation and durable, lockable sliding doors.

The IBC storage units are a specialist item for industrial use and are great for the following areas:

  • Oil storage: Using these IBC storage units gives you the best chance of containing any leaks and preventing environmental pollution in the event of a spill. With compartmentalised sumps, you can control spillages easily.
  • Farms: The various chemicals involved in farming livestock and agriculture will require secure storage on a farm. These multi-purpose IBC storage units are the perfect choice for the varying, seasonal needs of farmers.
  • Printers and textile manufacturers: Inks, dyes, toners and other strong substances are used in large quantities in many manufacturing settings. So, these IBC storage units are ideal for large-scale, leak-proof storage.

The steel designs of these units make them incredibly robust, and capable of handling the harsh outdoor conditions of construction sites and infrastructure networks, such as railways maintenance facilities. They are very strong indeed.

Order Your Multi-Purpose IBC Storage Units

These giant storage units are multi-purpose. As a result, they are entirely adaptable to your needs. They are also transportable by using lorries fitted with HIAB cranes, for dynamic movement across different sites in heavy industries.

We offer the best prices on all of our items – guaranteed. We encourage you to call and find out about our excellent offers on these industry-grade IBC storage units. Please feel free to get in touch with us if you have any product questions.