Pallet Racking Wire Decking Panels

Pallet Racking Wire Decking Panels are a versatile accessory used in warehouses, distribution centres, and storage facilities. Wire panels enhance the functionality and safety of pallet racking systems.

Wire decking provides a stable surface for pallets and other items to rest on within the pallet racking system. This helps prevent pallets from sagging between the beams and ensures even weight distribution, reducing the risk of damage to both the pallets and the rack structure.

Pallet racking wire decking panels allow for better airflow and visibility compared to solid surfaces. In case of a fire, sprinkler systems can penetrate through the wire mesh, reaching the products stored on the racks more effectively. Additionally, the wire mesh reduces the accumulation of dust and debris that could contribute to fire hazards.

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Wire decking acts as a barrier that prevents items from falling between the racks and potentially causing accidents or damage to products and equipment below. This is particularly important when storing smaller items or cases that may not fully cover the pallet’s surface.

The wire mesh design makes it easier to see through the racks and visually identify the contents of pallets without having to move them. This is beneficial for inventory management and picking operations.

Wire decking helps distribute the load evenly across the beams, reducing point loads that could cause structural damage to the racks. This is especially important for heavy or unevenly distributed loads.

The wire decks come in various sizes and configurations to accommodate different pallet sizes and load capacities. This allows for greater flexibility when designing storage solutions.

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