Louvre Panels and Kits

Louvre Panels and Kits offer the ideal solution for storing small parts and components using all of the space available in the workplace, workshop or garage.

Louvre panels are available in metric and imperial sizes. The panels also come in kit form with various sizes of Barton TC Bins.

The louvre panel and kits range also include Container Cabinets, Mobile Trolleys, Spacemaster Panels & Kits and Accessories.

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Louvre Panel Kits and Storage Bins

Storage is a challenge at the best of times. The storing of small items is even more of an issue, with many small and loose pieces being in frequent use in a warehouse and other commercial settings. This is where a louvre panel can be of great use, as they can store both small and larger items.

People can attach a louvre panel to a wall and then affix storage bins. This provides a comprehensive and compact way to mount storage to a wall or door, or on a trolley for easy access. The potential for wall-mounting may depend on the strength of the existing cladding. The name comes from the French word โ€˜louvreโ€™, which in English usually refers to a slat, a sloping piece of wood, across a window or door.

Louvre panels are available in kits featuring various sizes, which offers a versatile system for storing small parts and components using all of the space available in a workplace, workshop or garage.

A louvre panel is commonly steel or aluminium, to support a higher weight within the racking space, while the storage bins are usually plastic. People commonly use them to store the following:

  • Small parts, such as nuts, bolts, and screws
  • Tools such, as screwdrivers and spanners
  • Adhesive tapes and other various hardware
  • Larger tools such as drill bits and hammers

Louvre panels are available in metric and imperial sizes. Our louvre panel and kit range also include closable container cabinets, easily manoeuvrable trolleys and freestanding spacemaster panels.

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Important benefits of your louvre panels and kits

There are so many ways to store tools, parts and other things that people may use each day.

Those working in garages and workshops frequently enjoy the ability of trolleys to move all tools and parts at once to a precise location. However, other people using tools in one location, such as by a workbench, will commonly prefer a wall-mounted louvre panel.

Louvre racks offer a level of customisation and configuration that makes them suitable for many situations. The chief benefit is, therefore, their ability to conform to a person’s individual needs, and the ability to change and adapt them as the nature of their work dictates.

Heavy-duty vertical storage

One thing that is excellent about a louvre panel is the ability to store heavier items. Our strong and sturdy vertical panels come in a variety of sizes and can have one or two sides. This makes them similar in appearance to a fence. Two sides add to the amount of storage that is available, which can save on space and add an ease of accessibility.


A nice feature of the louvre rack is the level of customisation that is on offer. Many people have a particular way of doing things, depending on personal taste or the nature of the work that they undertake.

Our range of bin kits and accessories for both wall-mounted and freestanding panel designs enable people to create the precise solution they require. Colour coding with different bins is also possible.

Another plus point to the louvre panel is the ability to incorporate spigots to add space for individual tools such as hammers, screwdrivers, saws and other larger items. These act as a rack and feature a sturdy backplate to support bulkier items. They are available as steel rods or strong metal wire.

Wall, floor or surface

Many people can benefit from a wall-mounted louvre panel exactly where they need it, a freestanding panel at a more central location or a manoeuvrable trolley they can move as they wish.

However, some people may only require a panel for a small number of tools, or which they may wish to move on occasion. In this case bench stands and bin kits can sit on a surface on their own, or as an expansion to an existing panel.

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