Steel Lockers

Colour-Code Your Steel Lockers For Seamless Manufacturing Operations

Colour-coded steel lockers from Storage N Stuff can optimise your facility’s workflows, improve space efficiency and ensure safety protocols are met during your manufacturing process. Our customised combination lock steel cabinets are ideal for organising inventory, tools and hazardous materials seamlessly with no disorganisation or compliance issues.

Explore our range of heavy-duty steel lockers to learn how Storage N Stuff can transform your workflows through modular and optimised storage.

Uniform Lockers

Optimise Workflows With Colour-Coded Steel Lockers

Staying organised is crucial yet challenging in a complex manufacturing environment. Inventory, equipment, hazardous substances and more need optimised storage solutions. Storage N Stuff’s customised steel lockers enable you to:

Colour-Code Systematically

Custom coat any locker with your choice of durable powder-coated colours. For example, red for hazardous chemicals, blue for equipment, and yellow for work-in-progress materials. This systematic visual organisation ensures correct item placement.

Secure Sensitive Inventory

Safely store valuable tools, equipment or restricted items in our reinforced, industrial-grade steel cabinets with built-in combination locks. No more lost or misplaced items that impact operations.

Streamline Movements

Our movable modular steel lockers can be easily rearranged to adapt to evolving facility needs. This optimises floor space utilisation while enabling seamless access to frequently-used items.

Choose From A Range Of Colours

Our heavy-duty steel lockers come in a wide variety of durable powder-coated colour options to suit your organisation’s needs:

  • Black – Sophisticated and hides wear and tear.  Create an air of refinement amongst industrial machinery and sterile warehouse racking.
  • Silver – Gives a classic, nondescript look. Ideal choices in spaces where minimal visual distraction is preferred.
  • White – Crisp, clean and great with any accent colour. Well-suited near testing labs or stations requiring careful attention to minute details.
  • Yellow – Vibrant and visible in high-traffic areas. Raises awareness crucial for high-risk activity areas. Help remind workers to proceed cautiously.
  • Green – Nature-inspired colour for a calming effect. Place near medical stations or breakout areas where workers go to unwind.
  • Blue – Cool and suitable for specialised equipment. Ideal for intricate equipment assembly, quality inspection zones and work requiring immersive thinking.
  • Red – Makes items stand out and conveys importance. Use for emergency tool storage reminding workers to act rapidly but precisely when needed.

Made for Manufacturers

With heavy-weight steel construction, anti-bacterial paint and ventilation, our lockers are purpose-built for industrial environments. Withstand knocking, spills, heat and humidity with ease.

Built For Safety And Compliance

In hazardous manufacturing environments, ensuring safety and compliance is crucial yet extremely challenging. Avoid risks and penalties by implementing robust storage solutions for materials requiring strict protocols and access control.

Our heavy-duty steel lockers fortify protection by being built from solid steel, with vents on each door to prevent dangerous gas buildup inside the cabinet. Concealed interlocking hinges provide extra strength ensuring doors remain securely aligned without tearing off. You can also choose from a variety of lock types to prevent unauthorised entry into restricted compartments.

Probe Full Height Standard Lockers

Colour-Coding Ideas To Streamline Operations

An organised, colour-coded facility makes manufacturing seamlessly efficient. Consider these ways to implement intuitive colour systems:

By Department – Designate locker colours by department. Yellow for QA testing materials, green for safety equipment, and blue for engineering prototypes. Intuitive retrieval minimises cross-contamination.

By Priority – Red signifies urgent orders for expedited processing, silver means tools used only for premium clients, and yellow holds materials needing special handling.

By Material Type – Red for flammables, blue for electronics/computer parts, black for raw metal stock and general supplies. Ensure regulation compliance with clear hazardous substance segregation.

By Job Function – Yellow lockers contain tools for welding work, green for finishing work, and blue for assembly work. Quickly locate equipment by sight rather than deciphering messy labels.

Plan colour-coded locker placement strategically near relevant workstations, machinery production areas and inventory zones, and these consistent visual cues will reinforce systematic working, preventing errors.

Colour-Code And Get Organised Today

Don’t let disorganisation put your manufacturing operations and people at risk any longer. With over 20 years of experience streamlining workflows for facilities worldwide, Storage N Stuff delivers proven steel locker solutions to systematically optimise your environment. Customisable colours, durable construction and built-in safety features enable you to maximise productivity and ensure compliance with ease.