Steel Lockers

Custom-Sized Steel Lockers Scaled To Your Manufacturing Environment

Do your current steel lockers fail to fit specialised spaces and cause workflow headaches? We provide custom-sized, heavy-duty steel lockers designed specifically for manufacturing’s unique assets and environments. Maximise storage capacity and scale to your specialised tools, equipment, inventory and spaces for smoother, safer product flows. Don’t settle for one-size-fits-all storage solutions; browse our custom steel lockers today.

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Incorrect Storage Size Can Lead To Hazards

Tight spaces, mezzanines, multi-story buildings, and external warehouses all require steel lockers and cabinets tailored to their dimensions and intricacies. Ill-sized lockers force manufacturing staff to squeeze vital assets into cramped rooms never intended for capacity storage.

This failure to adequately store valuable manufacturing goods causes safety hazards and operational headaches. The inability to safely secure hazardous chemicals and flammable materials risks dangerous spills or accidents. Meanwhile, overpacked storage rooms with cluttered floors pose tripping dangers and make assets hard to access quickly.

Inappropriately sized steel lockers disrupt seamless workflows on the manufacturing floor. Workers waste countless hours searching cramped spaces for the right equipment. Makeshift storage solutions like exposed shelving units or stacking goods to the ceiling resulting in inefficient first-in-last-out inventory flows.

Tailored Lockers Scaled To Your Enterprise

Storage N Stuff provides heavy-duty steel lockers and cabinets customised to fit specialised manufacturing spaces with precision. We optimise the density capacity of irregular-shaped rooms by scaling lockers to make the most of every inch. Strategic locker configurations open up floor space for workflows while storing assets securely off crowded floors. Lockers safely consolidate hazardous chemicals and equipment with ample ventilation, spill containment, compliance markings and tracking.

Since no two manufacturing plants are identical, your storage solutions shouldn’t be either. We design and manufacture tailored lockers aligned to your operational needs – whether producing consumer goods, machining precision parts, or mixing chemicals. Wherever high-value equipment and inventory need protecting, our made-to-order approach delivers.

Flexible Dimensions For Your Unique Assets

Our steel lockers come in the following sizes:

  • W305 x D305mm
  • W305 x D380mm
  • W305 x D460mm
  • W460 x D460mm

For small components and precision instruments, we offer narrow lockers starting at 305mm wide. Mid-sized lockers measuring 460mm wide can house bulk materials, mechanical tools, and spare machinery parts. For large moulds, jigs, hazardous drums, and other oversized manufacturing equipment, we scale locker compartments beyond the constraints of standard sizes.

Locker bay depth also adapts to your specific items – from 305mm for shallow shelves to 460mm for deep cabinet storage. We can even tier lockers by height, combining compartments of different dimensions within a single bank.

Custom Sizing Services When You Bulk Order

Need 50 lockers or more? Our all-inclusive enterprise services deliver the highest reassurance that your locker investment integrates easily into spaces and processes site-wide.

Steel Lockers Engineered For Manufacturers

Storage N Stuff custom designs our heavy-duty steel lockers specifically to withstand the demanding conditions within manufacturing environments while optimising storage capacity. We engineer tailored solutions for the specialised spaces, assets, hazards and workflows unique to production facilities.

Rugged powder-coated steel withstands knocks from heavy equipment and protects valuable machinery from scrapes and grease, and ventilated compartments safely house chemicals. Our flexible interior shelf and rack configurations maximise locker density for any item.

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Complete Customisation For Your Storage

In addition to tailoring locker dimensions and interior configurations to your spaces and assets, Storage N Stuff offers comprehensive customisation for bespoke locker solutions meeting all your specifications:

Personalised Colour Palettes: Choose durable powder-coated colours that match your brand identity using our complimentary samples.

Lock Configurations: Select secure access mechanisms from CAM, haspe and staple, radial pin, re-programmable combination, digital combination, and coin return.

Scale Up Your Storage Potential Now

Don’t wedge your valuable manufacturing assets into ill-fitted standard steel lockers another day. Storage N Stuff provides customised locker dimensions, compartments and configurations tailored with precision to your unique spaces and workflows. Gain compliant, optimised storage scaled to your specialised equipment and inventory by browsing our extensive range today.