Bunded Storage

Bunded Chemical storage units are designed to safely store 205 litre drums and IBCs safely and securely in the workplace.

Store highly flammable liquids, chemicals, petroleum mixtures, oil, pesticides and other hazardous materials in one of our bunded storage units.

Multi-Purpose, Dual Purpose and General Purpose bunded Storage Units are bespoke manufactured and built to individual specifications. Relocatable Safety Stores have a 1-Hour Fire Rating, designed to store temperature-sensitive materials.

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More About Our Bunded Storage

At Storage N Stuff, we’ve worked hard to become the leading supplier of bunded chemical storage containers and industrial storage equipment. Firstly, we care about our customers. Secondly, we only sell quality products. Thirdly, and most importantly, we enjoy making our customers happy.

After particular Bunded Storage products? Call our sales team to discuss your storage needs – 0333 202 5959.

Impermeable and Leak-Proof Bunded Storage Containers

You would never attempt to hold a drink in a cup that had holes or otherwise easily leaked, so why would you allow dangerous chemicals or liquid fuels such as diesel to be stored in tanks, outdoor containers, or units that could leak as well? The answer is straightforward; you would never allow it, which is why you have turned to Storage N Stuff for the finest collection of bunds and bunded storage units, sheds, and containers on the UK market.

Our bunded storage selection will act as a barrier between any spilled or leaked liquids and the indoor or outdoor environment of your worksite, with sumps and trays capturing any liquids which occur within the unit, reducing risks to the health of your workers and to the environment as a whole.

If you are in need of any of these containers for an outdoor or indoor area on your site, call us today and we will arrange the fast and efficient delivery that you need to keep your tanks and cabinets safe and sound as soon as possible.

What We Offer

We have an excellent range of bunded storage available for the purpose of keeping 205 litre drums and IBCs in any work environment or area, no matter if this is outdoors or indoors. Our bunded fuel tanks and storage units make the ideal location for storing highly flammable liquids, chemicals, petroleum mixtures such as paraffin, oil, diesel, pesticides, and other materials which are hazardous to your health. 

Below, we have listed the types of storage units, tanks, and sheds that we have ready and waiting for you. Some of these categories also contain their own spill pallets, trays, and bunds, alongside other tank accessories:

  • Drum Storage
  • Dual Purpose Storage Units
  • Economy Galvanised Stores
  • External Petroleum Stores
  • General Purpose Safety Stores
  • IBC Storage
  • Multi-Purpose Storage Units
  • Relocatable Safety Stores

Our Dual, Multi, and General Purpose Storage Units are bespoke manufactured and built to individual specifications, so you will always be guaranteed the exact storage solution you need, no matter if it’s to store an oil tank, fuel tank, or even simply potable water.

Relocatable Safety Stores have a 1-Hour Fire Rating and are carefully manufactured for the storage of temperature-sensitive materials. 

Our wares, from our smallest storage cabinets to our largest multi-purpose units and containers, are all manufactured to comply with the UK’s HSG51 ‒ the Health and Safety Executives Guidelines for the Storage of Flammable Liquids, and DSEAR ACoP L136 Paragraphs 94-96, otherwise known as the Dangerous Substance and Explosive Atmosphere Regulations 2002.

Bunded Chemical and Fuel Storage

At Storage N Stuff, we pride ourselves on our reputation as the leading UK supplier of bunded storage and other industrial containers, units, cabinets and sheds. As such, we will do everything we can to provide you with the resilient, impenetrable bunded fuel storage tanks, units, trays and sheds that will protect you and your workers from any hazardous substances you may be working with.

Our customers and their health are our priority, and we want to keep you as safe as possible from dangers such as exposure to chemicals, pesticides, oil and diesel. This is why we aim to offer the best and most varied selection of bunds and bunded storage units, whether you are looking to safely keep an IBC in an outdoor area on your site, need a fast and effective solution for oil storage, or even need a general-purpose unit for holding anything from chemical storage tanks to hazardous materials.

If you are in the market for a particular type of bunded storage unit, whether you need to hold one 200 litre drum or 10,000 litres coming from drums or IBCs, we will have something in our selection for you. Contact us today and our sales team will be happy to assist you in making your purchase. If we don’t have what you need for any reason, we will also be more than willing to source it for you.

Our Price Promise

At Storage N Stuff, we’ve worked hard to become the leading supplier of Bunded Storage and industrial storage equipment.

We will not be beaten on price. If you find a lower price we will match it!