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Gas Cylinder Cages

Gas Cylinder Cages are designed to for storing Gas Bottles and Gas Cylinders safely and securely in the workplace, construction site or private residence.

Gas Cylinder Cages are an HSE requirement that all Gas Cylinders and bottles must be locked away when not in use where the public can gain access to the cylinders.

The cages can be used to store propane, LPG, Butane and oxygen bottles and more.

At Storage N Stuff, we’ve worked hard to become the leading supplier of gas cylinder cages and industrial storage equipment. Firstly, we care about our customers. Secondly, we only sell quality made products. Thirdly, and most importantly, we enjoy making our customers happy.

After particular Gas Cylinder Cages? Call our sales team who will gladly assist and if they don’t have it, they will source it for you.

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Hardy and Secure Gas Cages

You would never leave your house unlocked and open to all passersby if you were planning on going away or if you were going to be distracted for a long time, so why would you leave dangerous and potentially flammable gas cylinders where anybody might have access to them? It’s practically unthinkable! That is why you have come to Storage N Stuff, in order to find the best range of high-security gas cages on the UK market, all at the most affordable prices.

Our gas cages make the ideal solution for storage of LPG, butane, propane, oxygen, Calor cylinders and more, for bottle sizes from 19kg to 48kg, while their weatherproof and portable features mean that they can be put up and taken down even in remote locations.

If you have been looking for reinforced cages to act as a gas cylinder store for your work, get in touch with us today and we will be happy to arrange the swift, professional delivery that you need.

What We Offer

We offer our customers peace of mind, with our range of lockable and completely secure galvanised steel gas cages and transport pallets that are suitable for any workplace, construction site or even private residences. Their dimensions and sizes make them ideal for as many cylinders as you need kept, and their galvanised finish makes them hardwearing, which will keep them both weatherproof and safe from human interference.

The types of gas cages and transport pallets that we have for sale are listed below:

  • Armorgard Gorilla Gas Cages
  • Cylinder Storage Transport Pallets
  • Folding Gas Cages
  • Gas Cages
  • Mobile Cylinder Cages
  • Static Cylinder Cages

Our Folding Gas Cages can be assembled in as little as 60 seconds, and fork skids on the base of the cage allow for easy transport via a forklift truck. Both Mobile and Static Cylinder Cages come with relevant gas storage warning labels for safety.


The cages we have for sale come in a variety of sizes and dimensions, ranging from H1000 X W1000 X D500MM to H1800 X W2400 X D1800MM, and ensuring that you can safely store cylinders and bottles weighing from 19kg to 48kg. Sizes will also have an impact on the cages’ prices, so you know you will always be getting value for money when you choose one of our products.


To keep to the most rigorous levels of health and safety when working with gas bottles, it is vital that you keep to a code of practice. In this case, regulations set out by the UK HSE will provide you with the guidance you need. 

We have detailed key parts of the HSE regulations on LPG, Calor and other gas cylinder storage below:

  • Where possible, cylinders should be stored in an outdoor area and be:
    a) Well ventilated
    b) Well drained
    c) Secure
  • If it is not reasonably practical, indoor storage may be used instead of outdoor but it must meet strict safety requirements. To find out what these will be in your particular case, you should contact your supplier, Health and Safety advisor, local council or fire authority.
  • Containers such as bottles and cylinders should always be stored on ground level (never below) and away from any hazards such as electrical power lines, smoking areas, cardboard storage areas or other flammable materials.
  • Appropriate signage must be used at all times and cylinders must be stored vertically.
  • Refillable cylinders are to be considered full, whatever their state.
  • Notices and advice on discovery of leaking should be displayed near storage areas at all times.
  • Cylinders that are empty should be stored separately, or marked to identify them, but should still be treated as full.
  • Different types of cylinder and gas property should be stored separately, at least 3 metres apart.

You must also remember to never store oxygen and propane together. For more on this and further advice on storage and distances, you should speak with your Health and Safety advisor, local council or fire authority.

Highly Secure and Lockable Gas Cylinder Storage

Here at Storage N Stuff, we do everything we can to uphold our reputation as one of the top providers of gas cylinder storage cages on the UK mainland. To do this, we aim to provide you with nothing but the best in heavy duty, lockable gas cages that will keep you, your workers or any members of the public who might come onto your property or worksite safe from potentially hazardous or flammable gases.

We strive to make our customers our priority, with their health and safety consistently coming first in our thoughts whenever we provide our wares. That is why all of our storage cages and transport pallets for sale feature the sturdiest galvanised steel frames, come with robust hasp and staple locks to fit padlocks of the correct sizes and are suitable for outdoor use as well as indoor, so no matter where you are planning on storing your gas bottles, you can be sure that they will remain safe and sound.

Prices for the reliably durable and portable gas cages we have in our selection start from £271.99, and we are certain that there will be something in our range to suit your needs. Whether you are looking for a cylinder cage to hold 19kg Calor propane gas bottles or 48kg oxygen cylinders, we can help. Contact Storage N Stuff today and one of our sales team will be delighted to assist you in making a purchase. If we don’t have what you need for any reason, we will even be able to source it for you.

Whatever requirements you have, we’ll do our best to find the right item for the job and have it with you as soon as possible.

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