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Industrial Cupboards

At Storage N Stuff we sell industrial cupboards that are ideal for offices, schools and workplaces. A heavy-duty cupboard provides storage that is secure and will resist everyday use. This makes them a wise investment as they will last a long time. They can stand the test of time from everyday bumps, knocks and scrapes due to their sturdy steel material.

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Why buy online with Storage N Stuff

Our selection of cupboards and cabinets are an ideal storage solution for many workplaces and educational settings. They are UK-built and they’re secure, lockable designs can contribute a durable and worry-free method of storing valuable items. Staff, students or other users can secure their belongings confidently and conveniently.

A busy industrial setting, such as a factory or warehouse will require the use of these cupboards regularly. Our hard-wearing industrial cupboards are ideal for use in areas with high traffic and footfall. Accidental damage and the impact of everyday use is much lower as a result.

While an industrial cupboard may be suitable for almost any type of storage, many of our customers share common storage needs. From our experience, cupboard designs are perfect for storing the following items:

  • Stationery
  • Clothing
  • Tools
  • Industrial or janitorial supplies
  • Forms and documents
  • Individual belongings or personal possessions

Our metal storage cupboards come in a range of door configurations, as well as a choice of colours. We include designs specifically for industrial wardrobes and also lateral designs for secure document storage.

These cupboards benefit from an anti-bacterial paint technology finish that prevents bacteria from spreading. This is crucial in areas such as research and health, or in settings where people use chemicals.

When you buy your industrial cupboard from Storage N Stuff (or any of our other products) we provide free delivery. This offer applies to most addresses within the UK mainland. Delivery times may vary depending on the overall size of the cupboard.

Our customers want the best product to meet their demands. You can buy online now or call us to discuss what item will be most appropriate. Our friendly team can help with choosing the right items for you.

What are the main benefits of our industrial cupboards?

We offer heavy-duty metal cupboard designs to suit a range of spaces. They are versatile enough for use in many settings. With the additional ability to secure and lock the cupboard, the sturdy designs provide a tamper-proof product suitable for heavy use every day.

There is functionality to the design of our industrial storage cupboard and cabinet selection. However, there is also some aesthetic value with customisable options to suit a specific environment. Other benefits include the following:

Shapes and sizes to suit all needs

Our steel cupboards are able to suit a variety of needs, and multiple units can increase overall storage capacity. We can also provide low-level cupboards that are perfect for small amounts of storage or as an addition to a larger set of units.

Also available are slim cupboards for use in narrow areas or where multiple units are necessary. These can be useful for when multiple individuals require their own storage, such as staff lockers for uniforms or personal possessions.

Multiple styles for different uses

Whatever your needs may be, there is a storage cabinet you can choose that will enable you to meet your storage requirements in a functional way.

Some people prefer one single length of shelf, similar to longspan shelving, which is perfect for multiple items on a single level. However, this is not appropriate for everyone. For simple organisation of different types of item, others prefer multiple sections in their storage. As a result, we also provide 8 compartment and 12 compartment designs.

Other designs for specific uses include janitorial storage cupboards. These include separate spaces for clothing, supplies and cleaning equipment.

Customisation and colouring options

An industrial cupboard or cabinet is certainly functional, first and foremost, but it does not have to be in any way distracting from the existing aesthetic within a space.

Customising a cabinet with different colouring options is a simple way to add an element of form to a cupboard. With 7 door colours and 3 body colours, people can choose a design that matches with the decor or branding within their surroundings. This helps create a seamless look.

We always try to provide the best service that we can for our customers. Our goal is to furnish customers with a rewarding, convenient and flexible experience.

Free delivery to the UK with every sale

Many people who come to us have to make frequent orders of industrial supplies and other equipment for their operation. This frequency can make it frustrating for them to pay postage fees, especially when they vary between items.

We’re able to alleviate this frustration by providing free UK delivery. This is available to most addresses in the UK mainland and also covers most of the items that we offer. All of our items also come with a 12-month warranty.

A price match guarantee

Along with our levels of service and product quality, one thing that keeps our customers happy is the fact that we always offer the best price. It’s what helps us develop relationships with customers over the long term.

We provide a price match guarantee to keep our prices as low as possible. If a customer comes to us with a better price from somewhere else for the same product, we will match that price.