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Key Points to Know About First Aid at Work

Workplace regulations exist to create a safe environment and it is important to be aware of the various regulations and requirements. Failing to adhere to health and safety laws not only creates a more dangerous environment for workers, but there is a potential for legal issues for business owners too. An important aspect of workplace […]

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What is HSE and What Does It Stand For?

Many people ask ‘What does HSE mean? Well, HSE stands for the Health and Safety Executive, which is a government body that regulates and enforces workplace welfare standards. Since its formation in the 1970s, the HSE has been responsible for setting safety standards and investigating commercial or industrial accidents within the UK.  The primary goals […]

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How Different Chair Trolleys Make Carrying and Moving Simple

All chair trolleys essentially have the same uses, no matter what type you select. Moving and carrying chairs is much easier with a heavy-duty chair trolley and many will also make storage more convenient. Even a small dolly will feature sturdy wheels for simple movement, so you can easily transport flatback folding and stackable chairs. […]

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The Best Workbenches of 2021

The best workbenches make it easier to do a variety of work quickly and in the safest possible way. Many workbenches also provide handy tools and material storage. By keeping working areas stable, workbenches provide an even, steady surface that can ensure it is simple to carry out a wide range of tasks, so they […]

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Everything You Need to Know About the HSE’s First Aid Work Regulations

Employers must ensure their employees receive immediate attention in the event of an accident. Should there be an accident or emergency when people are at work, first aid provision must be available and of an appropriate standard – so that everyone can get suitable attention if they need it. All first aid requirements for the […]

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What Are the Best Pallet Trucks?

You can safely move heavy loads around a warehouse or industrial space by using a heavy-duty pallet truck. However, there are many different pallet trucks for sale – so choosing the best type of pallet truck for your needs can be a little bit tricky. As large and sometimes expensive pieces of equipment pallet trucks […]

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What are the Best Bike Racks?

Storage solutions for bikes are a tricky thing to get right, which means some people are left with inefficient storage systems that use up too much floor space and make it difficult to store their bikes. Whether it is a stand, wall mounted storage rack or another indoor or outdoor bike storage solution you need […]

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How to Find the Best Tool Storage Ideas

You are only as good as your tools, the old expression says, but what it should also say is that you are only as good as your tool storage system. After all, loose and unorganised tools are more difficult to access and ultimately use effectively. Poor tool storage will decrease productivity and can even cause […]

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What Does COSHH Stand for and What does it Mean?

What is COSHH? If you work in an industry in which you need to take care of your health and safety measures, you may have already heard the term COSHH. However, if you’ve been left in the cold wondering what COSHH actually stands for, or what any of these regulations mean for you or your […]

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What Do COSHH Symbols Mean?

Working with hazardous chemicals is an important daily activity in many types of industry. To promote health and safety in the UK there are signs and symbols to help indicate potential health hazards, which are visible on many products including gas cylinders, chemical containers and in certain areas.  The symbols are part of classifications relating […]

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