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ESD mats can be used so that ESD sensitive components do not get damaged. We offer many options, from rubber or vinyl floor matting in a roll (that come with various surface textures to suit all environments) to flat worktop mats – and more! 

Our ESD mats are perfect for heavy, regular use in industrial spaces. Browse our exceptionally wide range of ESD matting and accessories and buy online with free UK delivery. You can check out our fantastic products selection below.

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More About Our ESD Matting & Accessories

The non-conductive rubber matting gives you effective insulation and protection from electric shock. Floors, chairs, work surfaces and packaging can create static electricity which can be harmful to electrical devices – even people in some cases.

The ESD mats we offer have a range of uses, but they are ideal for the following areas:

  • Factories: ESD matting and accessories take the static out of the worker so they will not get a static shock while keeping components safe. As a result, they are ideal for factories where circuit-based products are assembled.
  • Electricians: A roll of ESD floor matting or simply a worktop mat will prove very useful for electricians and other tradespeople working with sensitive equipment, such as telephone engineers. Just toss one in a toolbox or van.
  • Garages: Cars and other vehicles often require extensive maintenance of their electrical components for doors, windows, sunroofs and other parts. ESD matting, notably worktop mats, are essential in automotive settings.
  • Offices: Server rooms, data centres and other sensitive equipment bases are vital for the ongoing operation of many businesses – so ESD mats are perfect to protect the vital organs of any type of tech-reliant business.

ESD matting is simple but highly effective and important for the safe continuous operation of many types of industries. All of our mats come with free delivery to all mainland UK addresses. Please get in touch if you have any product questions.

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