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Barton TC Conductive Storage Containers - BLACK

Barton TC Conductive Storage Containers - BLACK
Barton TC Conductive Storage Containers - BLACK

Black Conductive Storage Bins - Barton TC Range

Barton BLACK TC conductive containers are manufactured using antistatic, carbon, conductive particels/fibres.

This produces a low charging (antistatic) container which is less likely to damage static sensitive items.

Barton Black Conductive Storage Containers are ideal for use as part of a complete Electro Static Discharge (ESD) control programme, as defined by BS IEC 61340-5-1:2007

These one piece injection moulded storage bins can be stacked and for increased flexibility used with any of our ranges of louvred panels & shelving systems.

Barton Conductive TC containers are virtually unbreakable with reinforced sides and stacking rims, and are available in a choice of 6 sizes.


  • Injection moulded bins with anti-static additive
  • Strong, heavy duty with reinforced base, sides and stacking rim
  • Durable, resistant to most industrial solvents
  • Can withstand high temperatures (from -15 degrees to +50 degrees C)
  • Hygienic, clean, smooth inside faces
  • Index card slot for product identification - Please order labels separately
  • Labels order reference: 222-100
  • Colour: BLACK conductive containers 

For Suitable Wall Mounted Louvred Panels see: 210-201

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Price: £32.50
Prices from: £31.52
SKU Bin Kits Container Dimensions Pack Quantity Price Qty.
210-955 TC1 L90 x W100 x H50mm Pack of 20 £32.50  £31.52 +VAT Minus Plus
210-954 TC2 L165 x W100 x H75mm Pack of 20 £46.50  £45.10 +VAT Minus Plus
210-953 TC3 L240 x W150 x H132mm Pack of 10 £55.95  £54.27 +VAT Minus Plus
210-952 TC4 L350 x W205 x H132mm Pack of 10 £85.00  £82.45 +VAT Minus Plus
210-951 TC5 L350 x W205 x H182mm Pack of 10 £127.00  £123.19 +VAT Minus Plus
210-950 TC6 L375 x W420 x H182mm Pack of 5 £119.95  £116.35 +VAT Minus Plus

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Barton Conductive Storage Bins