Hazardous Storage Containers for Healthcare Facilities

Take Control of Hazardous Materials with Our Innovative Storage Solutions

Keeping your healthcare facility safe and functional requires proper storage of an array of different hazardous materials and medicines. Storage N Stuff is a leading provider of secure and advanced hazardous storage solutions.

With an unmatched commitment to quality and customer satisfaction, you can trust our hazardous storage solutions to not only meet but exceed the needs of your facility. Our versatile containment options coupled with robust construction ensure the safe, efficient and secure storage of your hazardous waste and materials.

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Our Solutions for Your Healthcare Hazardous Storage

  • Gas Storage & Handling: Safely store hazardous medical gases like oxygen, nitrous oxide, and volatile anaesthetics with our specialised gas storage and handling equipment.
  • Bunded Storage: Our engineered bunded storage tanks enable hospitals and labs to contain and prevent leaks from large volumes of hazardous chemicals and pharmaceuticals, supporting regulatory compliance.
  • Hazardous Substance Storage Cabinets: Securely store smaller quantities of hazardous drugs, chemicals, and flammable materials in our lockable storage cabinets in various dimensions to cater for healthcare environments with space limitations.
  • Safety Cans: Safely transport and handle hazardous liquid waste or chemicals using our intuitive safety cans.
  • Spill Control: Quickly contain and absorb accidental spills of biohazards or chemicals with our specialised spill kits and products.
  • Drum Spill Containment: Safely store and transport large drums of hazardous hospital waste or chemicals with our durable spill containment units that prevent leaks.

Hazardous Storage Containers & More

Our hazardous storage solutions cater to the distinctive requirements of the healthcare sector, safely containing high-risk materials like chemicals and pharmaceuticals. We offer a range of cabinets and containers designed for hospitals, clinics, and labs to securely segregate and store corrosive acids and bases, hazardous drugs, medicines, and biohazards, supporting regulatory compliance and safety protocols.

Our specialised expertise in hazardous storage ensures we have the right-sized cabinets and containers featuring durability, caution signage, access control, and robust construction to safely meet the needs of any healthcare facility.

Why Storage N Stuff Are the Ideal Choice for Hazardous Healthcare Storage

When it comes to safely and compliantly managing hazardous materials in your healthcare facility, experience matters. Storage N Stuff has years of expertise specifically implementing customised hazardous storage solutions for hospitals and other healthcare settings. Our storage experts understand the unique challenges of the healthcare industry, from managing chemotherapeutic drugs and radioactive isotopes to handling biohazardous waste.

Quality is at the heart of our ethos. Our hazardous storage cabinets are designed with precision to ensure they meet the highest safety standards, and are engineered to align with the stringent safety protocols and spatial limitations. This means our storage solutions seamlessly integrate into your daily operations, optimising storage capacity while adhering to regulatory compliance.

With Storage N Stuff, you get reliable, specialised hazardous storage solutions designed by professionals experienced in healthcare’s complex landscape.

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Ensure Workplace Safety with Hazardous Storage Containers

Patient and employee safety is always the top priority in healthcare. Our hazardous storage solutions incorporate advanced safety features and reliable locking systems, which reduce the risk of accidents and protect your employees. Our products are meticulously designed to meet COSHH guidelines and other key regulations, providing assurance and peace of mind.

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Hazardous Storage Containers for Regulatory Assurance

Storage N Stuff provides a range of hazardous storage containers tailored to meet healthcare’s regulatory needs for pharmaceuticals, chemicals, radioactive materials and biohazardous waste. Our hazardous cabinets, drums and closets incorporate specialised features to comply with key guidelines.

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Efficient Inventory Management with Hazardous Storage Containers

Our versatile storage solutions, including cabinets and containers, are engineered to organise space without compromising safety. Transform your facility into a streamlined, productive environment.

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How Hazardous Storage Containers Ensure Safe Segregation

Safely segregating incompatible hazardous materials is critical in healthcare. Our hazardous cabinets enable the separation of hazards with specialised shelving, coatings, ventilation, and labelling. This allows the isolation of corrosive, flammable, and reactive substances at scales from full drum quantities down to vials.

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Secure Hazardous Storage Solutions Now For Your Healthcare Facility

Safety is paramount when dealing with hazardous substances, and our wide selection of premium products ensures the protection of everyone on site. Whether you need bunded storage, flammable liquid bins, or cabinets for chemicals, our solutions are here to support you.

Empower your healthcare facility with our state-of-the-art hazardous storage solutions. Gain control over your workspace, enhance safety measures, streamline operations, and foster a culture of continuous improvement with Storage N Stuff.

Explore our advanced and customised range of solutions tailored to fit your specific healthcare settings. With our expertly crafted storage options, you can ensure a safe and secure environment for your staff and patients.